Worry About the Important things...

Not your period.  With everything you have going on in your life, the last thing you need to worry about is fitting in that unexpected stop to the drug store for tampons.  Let OTRgirls do that for you!  When you join our monthly organic tampon delivery service you will always be ready when “that time of the month” arrives!

So go ahead, worry about what shoes look best with that fabulous little dress!

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Why Organic?

You’ve heard the old saying when it comes to buying real estate it’s about location, location, location!  Well when it comes to buying feminine hygiene products it’s all about ORGANIC, ORGANIC, ORGANIC!  WHY?  Because not only is buying organic good for the environment, the farmer, and the children that come after us, buying organic tampons are better for your body! You exercise and eat healthy to look and feel amazing! Why would you put something into your body that could potentially make you sick?  It’s time we start taking care of our prime real estate ladies and start buying ORGANIC when it really counts!


OTRgirls offers a selection of organic feminine hygiene products that you may not find at your local drug store.  Buying organic tampons makes sense and let’s face it, were all about making sense!

About Us

Why I started OTRgirls...

OTRGirls is a female owned company that was started with women and the environment in mind. We wanted to offer organic feminine hygiene products that are safe for our bodies and to the environment as well as feature products that are natural and high quality. Be kind to your body and the environment.

Giving Back

OTRgirls will be working with local charities this quarter. We will be donating a portion of our monthly sales to help empower the women in our community. Please let us know if you are passionate about a women’s organization that you would like to recommend for our giving back program.

Join OTRGirls today to help empower the women in your life.


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